Book Reviews

The Fruit and The Cross

Third of the twelve books I will review for 2018. It’s Women’s Month and before this month ends, I will review Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. This book talks about forty lies women believe about God, themselves, sin, marriage, emotions and their circumstances. Her goal is to open the eyes of women to… Continue reading The Fruit and The Cross

Book Reviews

What’s better than Good Housekeeping?

I adore so many women in the Bible but these two women are my favorites. Martha The traditional depiction of Martha is a woman who is stressed, hair undone and busy. I’ve always pictured her as a fully capable woman who efficiently runs her house, opens it to visitors and keeps a keen eye on… Continue reading What’s better than Good Housekeeping?


Match made in Hollywood versus Match Made in Heaven

It’s 2:15 and I woke up and left my husband sleeping in bed, made a cup of hot chocolate and sat on our divan chair to write this blog. I missed blogging and it’s just funny that I’ve already been unemployed for more than a month, have been a housewife for three weeks now and… Continue reading Match made in Hollywood versus Match Made in Heaven