How To Prepare Your Child for A New Baby

People ask me how we prepared Macy before Lily arrived. Expectant moms ask me if it’s enough letting their eldest child talk to their sibling inside them. So I thought of just writing about the simple ways to prepare your child for a new baby. When we found out we were about to have Lily,… Continue reading How To Prepare Your Child for A New Baby


One Lesson God Taught Me In Sickness

God taught me a very valuable lesson through the weeks we were going through health issues. One statement that he kept on whispering to my heart. Let me recount to you what we’ve gone through the past weeks. Monday almost three weeks ago, we found a blister on Lily. We rushed her to the nearest… Continue reading One Lesson God Taught Me In Sickness

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What’s better than Good Housekeeping?

I adore so many women in the Bible but these two women are my favorites. Martha The traditional depiction of Martha is a woman who is stressed, hair undone and busy. I’ve always pictured her as a fully capable woman who efficiently runs her house, opens it to visitors and keeps a keen eye on… Continue reading What’s better than Good Housekeeping?