Our Magical Time in Music Together

Think of a popular children’s show. A lot of familiar names come to mind. To name a few: Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, Hi-5, etc. These shows have different themes and narratives but what do these shows have in common? Lively characters, dancing and music.

Children naturally gravitate to these shows because they are wired to love these elements. Now, imagine if children are actively involved with such a show but not through television but through live interaction. Last year, the cast of the show Hi-5 had toured Asia, Australia and different states in America. They earned millions because children love having fun through dancing and music.

Throughout different generations, dancing and music have helped children learn and create. If a family is not musically-inclined, children’s primary exposure to music is through shows like this. However, we now know the disadvantages of screens where these shows can be watched. So how do we help our children learn through music without these shows? The answer are Music and Movement classes. The #1 music and movement class in the United States is now in the Philippines: MUSIC TOGETHER! Their classes are the best alternative to Hi-5.


I wish that during Macy’s toddler years, there were classes that helped parents like me foster our children’s learning through music. That is why I’m delighted to let her little sister Lily join a Music Together class.

What is Music Together? “Music Together is an early childhood music and movement program for children from birth through age eight.” It is a research-based early childhood music program that believes in the importance of play and music in child development. The program emphasizes the involvement of family and community.

“Intelligence is galvanized by participation in some kind of culturally valued activity and that the individual’s growth in such an activity follows a developmental pattern; each activity has its own time arising in early childhood.” – Thomas Armstrong (1994)

In Music Together classes, parents, teachers and caregivers personally engage our little music makers. Intimacy is fostered between the child and his/her caregiver. In our class, there were moms, dads and even lolos and lolas. It’s not only the children who enjoy, even the grownups do!


In our Music Together class, Teacher Ting led grownups and children to sing catchy tunes together. We danced, wiggled and giggled. It has been a while since I enjoyed being a child again. It was a safe place to be silly and to just have fun with your child.

We tinkered with different musical instruments that were so simple to use that even my two year-old caught the very tune that Teacher Ting was singing. When I was in the class, I remember what I read that babies have been born geniuses in many areas, including music. All that the grownups need to do is guide their way to discover their genius.


Decades of research were poured in Music Together classes. The little children who join the classes not only develop their musicality, they also develop so much more. The children learn to explore their vocal cords through singing and their bodies through dancing.

“Musical intelligence is equal in importance to logical – mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily – kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence.” – Howard Gardner, Harvard psychologist (1983)

The variety of multisensory activities amazed me and my daughters. What delighted me the most was the look on Lily’s face. In a lot of ways, I knew that our time together in Music Together class was simply magical for her.


I highly recommend that your family joins Music Together class. Music Together® classes are “no-work, all-play classes that truly give families time to relax, unwind and have fun together.” Music Together® classes strengthen the bonds between families and also create a community.

There are Music Together Classes in 3000 locations in 40 countries. We are fortunate that there are branches in the Philippines. If you are in Quezon City, Music Together classes are offered in The Great Leap Academy in Don Antonio, Quezon City. See you there!

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