Mom Bods and The Gospel

Before I begin, I’d like to greet every mom a Happy Mothers Day. It doesn’t matter if you are a mom through the womb or a mom by heart. You are a mom. We celebrate you today.


While reading Hebrews 12, I noticed this part of verse 2, “For the joy set before him he endured the cross.” I thought about Jesus and I wondered how He thought of me as He was approaching the cross. Surely, it was difficult for Him to carry the cross that was meant for me. He didn’t have to but He did because He loved me, because He thought of me.

I think of my Nanay and how she endured labor pains only to give birth to me, to give me life. I think of my girls and how I endured the pain and the cuts to give birth to these beautiful babies. Though it hurt my body, I would do it over and over again if the reward is having these two in my arms.

I gave birth via Ceasarian section. I endured 24 hours of pure labor to have my eldest Macy. I remembered holding the cold rails of my hospital bed as the labor intensified minute by minute. It was difficult yet I endured 24 hours of it. By the end of a whole day, my doctor told me that readings of Macy’s heart indicates that her heartbeat is slowing down. She was in distress. My doctor asked me if I was willing to do a Ceasarian birth. That would mean that the past 24 hours were for nothing. I didn’t mind as long as she is safe. Having a Ceasarian delivery after 24 hours of labor was not in my plan. It was like I endured two types of birth. Minutes later, I was rushed to the Operating Room and they did the Cesarian procedure on me. I heard Macy’s cry for the first time. And suddenly nothing else mattered. Not the pain. Not the double recuperation. Not the bills. Nothing.

Macy and Lily
My two blessings: Macy and Lily

Motherhood changed me. Every part of me. Even physically. I barely recognized my postpartum body. Lies about my self-image raced in my head. My husband loved me all the more but I had to be secure that I am beautiful no matter how my body looked like. I was blessed not to have stretchmarks but my C-section scars will always be there.

Three years after, I gave birth to Lily. I went through another C-section. Another scar. I looked at my body and sighed. I still felt beautiful but I felt different. I was beautiful in a more special way. My beauty came from a life-giving spirit that only mothers have.


God whispered to me as I looked at myself, “I also have scars for you.” The beauty of Heaven, the crowning glory of creation came down in a humble state and became a man. The God of the Universe endured the cross because of me. He endured it for me. His nail-scarred hands tell the immensity of His love for me. My worth comes from His love for me. Not from my mom bod.

I am blessed to be a mom and see a glimpse of His sacrifice, a measure of His love.

Moms, you are more beautiful now than you ever were. It is because your body is miraculously used by our God as an instrument to give life. What a privilege we moms have.

You are a life-giver.

You are a nurturer.

You are a mother.

Happy Mothers Day!


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