One Lesson God Taught Me In Sickness

God taught me a very valuable lesson through the weeks we were going through health issues. One statement that he kept on whispering to my heart. Let me recount to you what we’ve gone through the past weeks.

Monday almost three weeks ago, we found a blister on Lily. We rushed her to the nearest clinic and we were told it was just skin infection. We were given lotion to ease the blisters. My husband and I were restless and we don’t think it’s just a simple skin rash. A day after applying the lotion, the blisters popped and got infected. We rushed to our family pediatrician. Our hunch was right all along. It was pox.

For days my girls didn’t see each other. Macy would send video messages so her little sister won’t feel sad and lonely in her room. As families got together on Holy Week, we were in separate rooms sending each other messages. My comfort was we were still under the same roof.

As Lily was recovering, Nono and I got food poisoning. A friend said that it’s probably stomach virus. I got dehydrated as I breastfed Lily. My hands and feet were cold and numb. My husband was down with fever and was having chills. I can’t imagine how we survived those days.

A day after, I felt better but we need to buy food for our family. Macy volunteered to help me and we went happily to the grocery. When we came home, she drank water and started vomiting. She couldn’t stop. Her lips got pale and we brought her to the hospital. Now we were no longer under one roof. My husband who was barely well took care of Macy in the hospital while I stayed home with Lily.

I would leave Lily with my mom, who traveled more than two hours to help us in our plight (Thanks, Nanay!), as I go to the hospital to care for Macy. Nono and I were stretched beyond what we think we were capable of. We barely saw each other. It has been two weeks of pure grace from God and He has been faithful. Now, Macy’s home and she’s finally playing with her sister.

When they came home, my husband’s body needed the rest he didn’t have in the hospital. He had flu, cough and fever. He missed work and was slowly recovering. As he was in bed, my husband told me, “God is good. We weren’t all sick at the same time. Imagine how that would have been!” He laughed. I’m glad I have a partner in life who views life in this perspective. What a gift he is!

In all these, there are so many things to be thankful for.

To be in one room together is a gift.

Along with the peace that transcended my understanding, he whispered one statement in my heart.

“You get to do this.”

Instead of panic and fear, my heart was in peace and was grateful.

That statement changed my perspective. In all the times I was giving antibiotics to my baby, my heart says, “I get to give her medicine. Thank you, God! It’s just pox. Thank you, God!” Every parent would attest that giving meds to a baby is difficult but the fact that God provided for medicines is something to be thankful for. When we brought Macy to the hospital, God whispered to my heart: “You get to bring your daughter to the hospital. What a gift!” When we were checking out and our medical insurance card paid for everything, God again whispered: “You get to check out of the hospital without worrying about the bill.” When we came home and I was tired as ever for caring for two kids and my husband, God again whispered: “You get to take care of them. You get to be together in one room. You get to do this!” And God knows there’s no place I’d rather be than with these three.

So many things to be thankful for. Thank God it’s just stomach virus. Thank God it’s just pox. Thank God it’s just flu. Praise God we feel better now.

In our everyday, we have a lot of “I HAVE to…” It has a sense of duty and not of gratitude. Yes they are responsibilities but when we have the attitude of gratitude, things become beautiful inspite of its challenges.

I challenge you today to trade your HAVE TOs to GET TOs. Look around you, there are so many things to be thankful for. God is good.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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