WE Talk: Who you are in Christ

“You are a masterpiece, not a mistake,” said Ms. Marie Bonifacio. What a great reminder for women in this day and age of endless beauty advertisements and expensive skin surgeries. It’s been a month since the launch of WE Talk and I cannot express how blessed I am to participate in it, both in the production and as an audience. Our church in Lipa was so blessed to be graced with Ms. Marie Bonifacio, the wife of Real Life Foundation’s Pastor Joey Bonifacio and the mom to Pastor Joe, David and Joshua.

WE Talk Stage. Styled by yours truly and the gorgeous Mylene de Ocampo
WE Talk Stage. Styled by Randy Gepiga, Mylene de Ocampo and myself

We have always admired her from afar so it was a great honor when she agreed to be our speaker in WE Talk. We all did the happy dance! Our team of Victory women staff and pastors’ wives worked very hard for the event and God blessed us with a team of awesome volunteers that made the event extra awesome. August 15 came and we were crazy nervous and excited for it. All the hard work paid off when Ms. Marie stepped on the stage and shared God’s heart for each woman present then.

She reminded us about our identity in Jesus Christ. A masterpiece not a mistake. Women often forget how beautiful we are and we highlight the flaws we have and the mistakes we’ve done. We unintentionally (or intentionally) ignore what God tells us about who we are in Him. She encouraged us to accept our humanity. “A masterpiece takes time so be kind to yourself,” she said. That hit me to the core. Sometimes it’s so easy to be patient with other people but not with yourself. We have this certain ideal that we want to reach but when we don’t, we get disappointed with ourselves. She’s right. We’re human. We’re beautiful uniquely created humans who were handcrafted by God for a purpose. “We are God’s DIY,” she said as she referred to Genesis 2:21 when God carefully crafted the first woman. This made me think: If God has accepted me for who I am then why will I not accept myself? If God sees me as beautiful, why then will I think otherwise?

My beautiful seatmates Che Catabay and Joyce Mandigma
My beautiful seatmates Che Catabay and Joyce Mandigma

Lastly, she emphasized the potential of each woman to make a difference. Whoever you are, God has chosen you to make a difference, to influence and to change the world. She told the story of a young girl named Emily whose innocent loving heart led a woman to Christ and consequently changed that woman’s advocacy. Little things do make a big difference. And however little you may think you are, you have influence that can make a big difference in our world. Whether you’re typing office documents, studying in a small university or simply changing diapers, you have influence that make a big difference. This was a great reminder for me to see everything I do through heaven’s eyes. “It’s all about attitude. How you see things,” she later shared in our dinner. There’s a whole lot more I learned but this is already a mouthful! What I leave to you is this: Choose to see yourself in God’s eyes.

Victory Lipa Pastors' Wives and Ms. Marie Bonifacio
Victory Lipa Pastors’ Wives and Ms. Marie Bonifacio

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