Little Miss Macy

After more than a year of inactivity, I am finally blogging again. Truth is, I didn’t have the energy to write the past year. Last entry was May 2013. I was four months pregnant then and I was advised to rest because of my low-lying placenta. That was also the time my husband and I decided to move to a smaller and cheaper house to save money for the birth of our little princess. Months passed and I wrote on another journal. This time for my little Macy. I’ll write another blog about that.

Anyway, November came and I gave birth to her and we embarked on the beautiful journey of parenting. My husband and I got a helper for a while but she didn’t stay long so we juggled everything together – parenting, chores, marriage, ministry and so much more. So glad we’re a team. I’ve always pictured parenting as a smooth ride with just a few bumps in the road, like an episode from a TV show like Seventh Heaven… but I was wrong. It was difficult, to think we’re still in the first year. We were sleepless, tired and stressed in the first months from Macy’s birth. In her second month, she slept through the night for the first time…and so did we.

First photo of our princess by our thoughtful OB-Gyne, Dra. Aguirre
First photo of our princess by our thoughtful OB-Gyne, Dra. Aguirre

Month by month, she shows changes after changes. She learned to recognize Mommy and Daddy. She grew fatter. She sat on her own. She watched Sofia the First. She rolled over. She ate bananas. She had her first two teeth. She smiled. She laughed.

Whenever she sleeps, I run my fingers through her hair and just sigh, thanking God for this beautiful wonderful gift. This parenting journey is difficult but it was wonderful, rewarding and it’s worth it. And through it all, grace was there for me and Nono. Truly, ‘we can do all things through Christ who strengthens [us].’

Time flies. Can’t believe our Macy is now one year old and turning two in a few months! Thank you, Lord, for the first two years. Can’t wait to enjoy the coming years! 😀


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