Why Disciple Teenagers?

I’ll start off by quoting Malcolm Gladwell in his bestselling book The Tipping Point, he said, “The sheer number of people who appear to have tried cocaine at least once should tell us that the urge among teens to something dangerous is pretty universal.”

One fact, Gladwell uncovered in his book is that teens will ALWAYS experiment and will always be fascinated by what adults do. They experiment. They get happy and proud when they experiment on something dangerous and nothing bad happens. What’s tragic though is when they experiment on something dangerous and something bad happens and they cannot undo it afterwards.


Smoking, teen pregnancy, teen suicide, alcohol, violence and drug addiction, name it. These rule our streets and will continue to spread like wildfire unless we disciple teenagers. Yes, the good ‘ol discipleship is the answer.

We need people who love like Jesus to go to the teenagers and befriend them. We need to convince them that we are on their side and that we love them enough to tell them the truth about all those vices that so entagles today’s youth. The fact is, teens will always experiment with the dangerous stuff unless people who care like parents and people from church show them love by listening to them and telling them the consequences of their actions should they ‘try’ to do it. Let us tell them the truth about its darkness. Let us unmask all of these and show them for what they are: the path to death. The death of their dreams, their identity, their hope. Let us replace the fascination for darkness with enthusiasm about the light and tell them about the God who has a great destiny for them.

Another fact is, teens will always be fascinated by the grown-ups so we need to take a stand and be that role model that they so desperately need and so hungrily look for. We do not want drug addicts or naked ladies to take that position. We need to be brave and ask God to enable us to be role models for them. It’s difficult, I know, but by God’s grace we can.


All these, my friend, summed up in a word is DISCIPLESHIP. We need to disciple them. I believe in the youth today. I believe that they have a wonderful destiny.

I may not be a person with a big name nor am I a perfect person but by God’s grace I want to step up and take part in shaping the youth of today. How about you?

5 thoughts on “Why Disciple Teenagers?”

    1. I pray that God will bless you with strength always. 🙂 I heard a mommy saying that taking care of her kids is her discipleship of the next generation. I’m sure your kids are so blessed to have you as their mom 🙂 God bless you always 🙂


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