Why Submit

I have heard a lot of women (and sometimes men) who fear this word, whether they are referring to their spouses or God, this word simply reminds them of undesirable things.


Women think that submission entails the abolition of their freedom. Men and women alike also fear the word submission because they feel that God is holding out on them. They feel like they’ll be missing something if they submit to God.

Let us define the word submission first. As per, the Online Etymology Dictionary, in the late fourteenth century, it is ‘the act of referring to a third party for judgment or decision.’ In the Old French it means, ‘sinking, yielding, etc.’ Most of these meanings are what the scary word stand for nowadays but let me present to you another way to view this word.

Instead of looking at this like we always do, why don’t we look at it as a mission under a mission. I imagine a military tactic team, they would say that there is an over-all mission and a sub-mission. Why don’t we view submission that way? The truth is, in a lot of ways, submission is really like that.

This is true when you submit to your husband. Your husband acts as the leader of the home (the overall mission of your household) and this will only be possible if you, the wife, will also fulfill her sub-mission like preparing the household and being the support system. No overall mission will be successful if the sub-mission will not be successful. No job in the world is unimportant.

Same goes with you and God, never think that your current job is unimportant. In God’s eyes, it is very significant because YOU are significant. Be faithful with your sub-mission and God will show many more doors for you. He will reveal to you more of Himself and more of you in Him.

At first, I also didn’t get the importance of submission and lordship but as I walk with God I realize that submission is really wonderful. I found myself saying, “Thank God, I submit to You because if I fail, the world will end. Thank God you are perfect and You hold the overall mission of this world in your hands.”

So the next time, you hear the word ‘submission,’ don’t be sad, be glad. You have a great sub-mission.

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