What to do when you don’t know what to do

A lot of times in our lives, we encounter forks in the road. We then are confronted with the choices and each choice lead a domino effect of other scenarios. I have received countless messages from women of different ages from different walks of life, asking how one can know God’s will. As an ordinary woman, I have no fool-proof plan of knowing what to do and when to do it, but God does. The one who wants to know the will of God PRAYS.

  1. Pardon the People who wronged you. This may come as a surprise to you but I believe this is step one for everyone. Forgive the person who sinned against you and forgive yourself. If you don’t forgive, anger will eat your heart away and bitterness will cloud your thinking. God commanded us to forgive because it is for our own good. If you want to move forward and clearly see the right path for you, then forgive.  Ask yourself: How is your heart towards this decision?
  2. Read the manual. If you want to go to a certain place and have no clue how to get there and someone who knows better left a letter for you to read, doesn’t it make sense for you to read the letter? Same thing about God’s will and His Word. Most people ask God to show the way but overlooks His Word. His Word is the manual for life. You will be surprised to know that the Bible has a say about everything from money to sexuality. Seek His word and it will lead you to the right path. Ask yourself: What does the Bible have to say about this decision?
  3. Accept His Promises as YOURS. If you already trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, God has promised that ‘he will not withhold any good thing from [you].’ So rest assured that if you believe God and trust Him, you need not panic or worry about tomorrow. That is if you accept His promises and believe with all your heart. Be excited. Ask yourself: Am I trusting God with this situation or am I handling it on my own?
  4. YES to Wisdom. To get through life, you don’t need intelligence, you need wisdom. The great thing about God is ‘he gives wisdom without finding fault.’ Ask God to give you wisdom and He will. He will also send people to you who are God-wise. This means people who fear the Lord and who are [older and] wiser. Seek godly counsel from them and you will be surprised how practical their proposed strategy is. Ask yourself: What is the wisest thing to do?
  5. Speed dial GOD. Notice the people on your speed dial, aren’t they the people closest to you? The problem with us is that God is our 911, not on our speed dial. If you want to be in sync to what God has to say in decisions you have to make, then you better call him everyday. As Jim Cymbala wrote, “If we don’t call upon the Lord, he has promised nothing- nothing at all.” If you don’t pray, you’re telling God, “Let me handle this. I know what to do.” And God is a gentleman, He will not force you. I also learned that when we pray and God gives a go signal, He gives peace ‘that transcends all understanding’ in my heart and my husband’s. But when God doesn’t agree with it, we feel that something is off. When that happens, my husband and I don’t go for it. Ask yourself: Do I have peace in my heart with what I will do?

Remember that all these will be useless if, after seeking His will, you choose not to obey Him or do it His way. Through it all, remember, God is confident, He knows His way is always the best way. And the wise seek that way.

6 thoughts on “What to do when you don’t know what to do”

  1. hello good morning joie and kuya nono…thanks for writing a blog about on what to do before true love comes which is God is the ‘TRUE LOVE” because i believe that God is the WAY, THE TRUTH & the LIFE!! no one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. that’s why i have no doubt anymore because i know God is always beside me. Thanks agin and God speed. tc


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