What to do before true love comes

Single ladies, young and old alike are looking for true love. We get excited and teary-eyed when watching romantic comedies. We daydream of wearing a beautiful white gown, walking down the aisle. For some, true love comes in their early twenties; the others, much later in life. But all need to wait for that one whom God has destined for them. Now what to do while waiting? Here’s my ABC for waiting.

  1. Act like a woman. When I say act like a woman, I mean look respected. This is not really about how you look but how you perceive and conduct yourself in front of other people. Do you want to be respected? Then dress modestly (You can still be fashionable while being modest). How you perceive and conduct yourself determines how people will treat you. Also, learn from older Christian women. As said in the Hebrews 6:12b, “imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.”
  2. Brothers not Potential Boyfriends. Most women are blessed with male friends from whom they can trust and learn from. Sadly though, women assume other things from the friendship and so do the men. We, in turn, do not enjoy the God-given friendship. I encourage you instead to view your male friends like brothers and not potential boyfriends. Think of them as your friend’s future husbands not your potential husbands and treat them with respect. With this in mind, you will guard your heart from deceit and malice and also enjoy the friendship.
  3. Care for other people. Offer your services to someone in need. Learn to love your siblings and your parents more. This trains your heart to love unconditionally and fills your heart with so much love that you will not seek a man’s love. You will be surprised how much happier you will be when you give love away.
  4. Develop skills and abilities. God have gifted you with a lot of skills and abilities and He wants you to use your gifts. Look for avenues where you can hone your skills and use them to serve God. Be busy! When you do so, you will feel that you are in the spot where God wants you to be and this gradually will lead you to the destiny God has for you. And don’t forget, you would also want your future husband and children to be proud of you.
  5. Express your love for your future husband. When I was waiting for my husband, I rested in the fact that God reserved me for one man. I pray for him. I bought a ring and placed it on my ring finger to remind me that I am reserved for God’s prince for me. When I looked at it, it reminded me of my price and why only one man can take that ring off my finger and replace it with an engagement ring. I wrote a journal to him. The journal served two purposes: A reminder for myself that someone is waiting for me and a gift to my husband on our wedding day. It worked! When you’re waiting, a lot of times you will lose sight of the goal so make yourself reminders of God’s gift at the end of this season. Express your love for your future husband to make the waiting sweeter and worth the wait.

Above all this, be secure that love will come to your life. It may not be how you planned it to be but God has a better plan for your life. As my friend Steph put it, “Fairy tales set the standard too low.” The love story God has written for you will be worth the wait so WAIT!

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12

23 thoughts on “What to do before true love comes”

  1. “Fairy tales set the standard too low.” The love story God has written for you will be worth the wait so WAIT!” —–LIKE! 🙂


      1. Hi Cielo! 😀 Sorry just saw your comment today! My husband is a pastor in Victory Christian Fellowship. 🙂 Thanks for your comment! 😀


      2. Hi Ma’am,

        Thanks for the reply. In my humble opinion, I suggest you devote a time to read Brian Tracy’s Goals! I am just halfway reading it, and I realized that there are interesting and true-to-life examples given. Though I know, you would not be able to apply some of them cause you are married, I think you will still share those other wonderful things to do, just as what you shared in your blog. God bless on the ministry that our Savior has entrusted.



  2. Great reminder, Joei. I know that even before meeting my futur husband, i can honor him and show him i love him by keeping myself pure and reserved for him alone. 🙂


  3. Ate for how many times na nangyari I’m just about to ask a question from you! 🙂 no questions at all 🙂 it has an answer already 🙂 thank you for this one, surely I know God made one for me also 🙂 So WAIT 🙂


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