The Perfect Dress

Whenever there is an occasion, may it be a wedding, a party or a prom, an average Jane looks for the a.k.a. ‘Perfect Dress.’ We rush to malls and survey the racks in search for the one that will catch our eye. That is us, women. Hands up!

I read one quote that was apparently made into a image by a tumblr user (


This made me realize that we complain a lot about what we don’t have but fail to thank God for what we do have. And truth be told, there are some things we now have that we consider trash or just-another-piece-of-memory-lane that will mean a lot to other people.

Noel and I made it our family virtue that whenever God nudges us to give something away, we will. However small or big that is. To start with, we always give our tithes to the church; then, we decided to give some valuable things to a church and clothes to people we encounter from time to time. This is not to brag, this is simply a reminder to all of us that everything we have is His in the first place. Ask God what He wants you to bless someone with. To tell you honestly, God has provided abundantly and beyond what we can ever ask or imagine.

I stumbled upon this article and it touched my heart. This article that you can read here ( is about a boutique that collects used but beautiful prom dresses and gives it to ladies who can’t afford to buy one. The article reads :

Anne Sprotte, Prom Boutique coordinator says, “And they go into the fitting room and they come out and their eyes are sparkling, their moms are crying.”

Wow. What a blessing the donors were and I know God has blessed them too. As you read this blog, look around you and you will realize that you really are blessed. Take this time to thank God for the blessings He has given you. And ask Him how you can be a blessing to someone. You may not know it but you could probably be the blessing they were praying for.

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