Inspired by Beauty and the Bible, I decided to write about women in the Bible. First is Sarah.

We often hear about God’s destiny for us – that wonderful plan that was laid before us that only we can fulfill. This gives us a sense of worth and purpose. God wants nothing less than the best for us – good, pleasing and perfect. However, sometimes we get too focused on our destiny and forget the Giver of that destiny. This reminds me of Sarah and Abraham who got the promise of a son but they got too consumed with it that they took matters in their own hands. Imagine: Sarah gave her maid to her husband to have a child with her!

Now Sarai, Abraham’s wife, had not been able to bear children for him. But she had an Egyptian servant named Hagar. So Sarai said to Abraham, “The Lord has prevented me from having children. Go and sleep with my servant. Perhaps I can have children through her.” Genesis 16:1-2

 God didn’t prevent her from having children; it was His promise to her. He has already equipped her to have children but she didn’t have the faith for the promise so she took matters in her hands. Talk about impatient, untrusting and deceiving Sarah. But we should all see that we all have Sarahs inside of us and it will get the best of us if we’re not careful.

I had this revelation as I listened to Pastor Jimmy Evans’ preaching on I AM JOSEPH and he gave the symptoms of being too consumed with our destiny. As you read these, check your heart:

  1. God becomes your servant and your relationship with Him becomes an accessory to achieve your plans. You know you are too consumed with your destiny when all you tell God and ask God about is when and how He will make His plans come to pass.
  2.  You begin to question God’s timing. You get impatient with how things come to pass and fail to trust God with His timing.
  3. You keep matters in your own hands. To get to the destiny, some people cheat, swindle or take any shortcut route to the destiny, only to learn in the end that it is the wrong path.
  4. You won’t lay it down to God. When too consumed, you don’t ask for God’s help anymore. You simply do things on your own. It’s like telling God that you don’t need Him anymore.

This is a reminder for all of us to love God for who He is and not only for what He gives. We should learn to love God and trust Him even though it doesn’t make sense. Sarah even laughed at God when He promised a son for her the coming year. Genesis 19:12 reads: She laughed silently to herself and said, “How could a worn-out woman like me enjoy such pleasure, especially when my husband is also so old?”

 Good thing, God is faithful even when we are faithless. He fulfilled His promise to Sarah. I encourage you that whatever promise God has given you, hold on to it but don’t focus on it too much or else it will consume you. Simply look to God and have faith that He will fulfill His promise for you.  

10 thoughts on “Sarah”

  1. ” God is faithful even when we are faithless….Simply look to God and have faith that He will fulfill His promise for you.”

    He knows best! thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. omg ate joei! binasa ko tong part na to nung isang araw, tapos tatanungin kita dapat. hehe, meron yung part na nagalit si Sarah sa servant niya nung nabuntis na si Hagar, right? tapos ang mean niya kay Hagar. Di ko magets kasi in the first place, siya naman yung nagsabi kay Abraham to sleep with Hagar.


    1. I know, right? Bad talaga siya that time parang kontrabida sa teleserye 😛 pero God is still patient with her, just like He is with us 🙂


      1. I think she was acting just like a regular…scorned wife—who happens to be sharing her husband with another woman. Present day women in a similar situation still act the same way. Times haven’t changed. 🙂


  3. You begin to question God’s timing. You get impatient with how things come to pass and fail to trust God with His timing. – I agree, for me that really is a battle everyone faces. Galing mo talga Sweetheart!:D


    1. Aww…salamat, Sweetheart ko. You’re my Number 2 Fan talaga. Si God yung una tapos tie daw kayo ni Nanay 😀


  4. So true sometimes Ate when we ask something from God we are in a hurry nakakalimutan natin na sa lahat ng bagay my right time. can I post the link ate i want my friends to read this.? Thank you 🙂


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