Barefoot Princess

“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

As I read the Exodus, I was awestruck to see how God used started an amazing thing, a.k.a. The Exodus. It all started with a bush, a burning one. It caught Moses’ attention and He drew near then God told him to be barefoot for the ground is holy. This is the very reason why I named my blog: Barefoot Princess. I am His princess for I am the daughter of the King and I am barefoot because I draw near to God.

Everyone has a burning bush, an opportunity to know God and draw near Him but somehow we don’t recognize Him, thinking He’s just another bush. God is confident. He doesn’t get insecure if you don’t notice Him, He’s just sad that you won’t get to fulfill what He made you for – your purpose. Only He knows that fully. He only asks us one thing when we draw near Him, it is to take off our sandals. Sandals are very important during the time of Moses until now. It took faith for Moses to take off his sandals when he lives in a desert.

That’s all He asks for – faith.

Take off your pride. Shake off your doubts. Have faith.

Be barefoot. And you will know who God truly is.

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