The Vow

I fell in love with one man in my life and I choose to stay with Noel Revilleza in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until death do us part. When I got married, I cherished all the words I told my husband that day. I was fighting back tears but I realize the gravity that each word has.

But no other story can better illustrate this gravity than the true story behind the movie ‘The Vow.’ This couple, Kim and Krickitt proved that the vow you make on your wedding day should really be kept until death do you part. Kim and Krickitt knew what that phrase [‘until they do we part’] meant because they stared death face-to-face.

When you decide to get married, you’re deciding to enter a covenant relationship with each other, to be together until death parts you. You agree that you will fight for your marriage whatever it takes. Kim and Krickitt Carpenter exemplified this. They depended on God and the Bible as they went through their struggles.

I was in awe when Kim recounted their story in an interview with Reader’s Digest:

“What made Krickitt fall in love with you?” At first he gave the counselor a glib answer, describing himself as “funny, clever, handsome.” But then he took the question seriously. What made Krickitt fall in love with me? He thought of all the love and affection he’d shown her during their courtship. He was her sweetheart. Then he considered how he had acted since her injury. He was more like a parent or coach. Finally it struck him: Start over! Win her back! (

Whoever told you that courtship stops after you say ‘I do’ is totally wrong. Courtship is meant to be forever. When my husband asked me if he can court me, he wrote on the sand saying, “I want to court you forever.” I thought it was cliché. I thought he just said so because he wanted me to say yes to him but I was wrong. Even after we said ‘I do,’ he surprises me with flowers, notes and gifts. He also makes it to a point that we have a weekly date. People tell us that it won’t last long. People bash us, telling us that we’re just sweet because we have only been married for a year.

Our response? We will be sweet everyday and we will love each other everyday because we never run out of love. How is that so? We love each other because He [Christ] loves us (1 John 4:19). When we’re filled with His love, He enables us to love each other despite our flaws and mistakes. We know He will keep us together no matter what because He is the Third Strand of our marriage.

On our wedding day, we took the symbol of the cord seriously. God is the Third Strand: “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).”

So whether you are single, in a relationship, engaged or married, always put God as the Third Strand. Kim and Krickitt Carpenter know this fact and they relied on God for their marriage. Even in the midst of the tragedy in their life, they acknowledge that it is God and the Bible that kept them together.

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter

Think about it, dating couples can’t wait to see each other, they text, call and have dates a lot. But somehow after the wedding day, or worse, after the one night stand, the magic is lost. Why? Because God is not the Third Strand in their relationship. When God is not the Third Strand, something else is – sex, money, approval addiction, name it. Ask yourself, “What keeps you together?” Whatever that is, just make sure it’s infinite, perfect and strong because that’s the one that keeps you together; if it’s not, think again.

The only way to have a true and lasting relationship is to let God be the Third Strand.

15 thoughts on “The Vow”

  1. this is beautiful! i love this :Ask yourself, “What keeps you together?” Whatever that is, just make sure it’s infinite, perfect and strong because that’s the one that keeps you together; if it’s not, think again.


    1. Thank you Thea! 😀 Also read ‘No Boyfriend since Birth.’I wrote it when i was still waiting for my future hubby then 😀


  2. sure i will ate..hehehe..i forgot to greet you and kuya nono..belated happy Valentine’s days..better than never..hehehe..ate wag kang mainis sken kahit makulit ako ahh..komportable kasi ako pagnagmamassage ako sayo eh..hehehe


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