Miss Perfect

Growing up, my mom taught me one fact about girls that I have never forgotten: All girls are beautiful. It was one wonderful thing to believe but whenever I go out of the house, I learn that the world thinks otherwise.

When I was in high school, I envied people in magazines and TV ads. There was even a time when I pulled all stray hair so that my hair would look like the ones on TV. I thought it was alright until I found out that I had a big bald part on my scalp. My mom had to talk to me and tell me that I should love how I look like. That was unimaginable for me. More years passed, then I learned that not only should you be beautiful but you should also be smart. Smart? I can’t even pass some subjects but I am not lazy. I do my best but I just wasn’t enough. Then I learned that beauty is also in the titles. Titles, like Ms. [insert school’s name here] or Champion of [insert Singing Contest here]. Somehow, you should have all these to be called beautiful. I struggled with how I look like, how smart I am and how talented I am… for a very long time. When I got accepted in UP, things got even worse. I started comparing myself to my seatmate or the pretty girl in the next class. I felt like an ugly wallflower. I remember thinking that I’ve always dreamed of being a princess but how can I be a princess if I look like this? How will someone ever love me if I’m not this or that?

I knew that at that moment God was sighing and saying, ‘If only you know how beautiful you are to me.’ I went to church and was astounded when they said how God saw me beautiful despite of my looks and my flaws. I thought, “Nah, that can’t be true! That’s easy for you to say because you’re already beautiful!” Deep in my heart, I want to believe it’s true. I wanted a life that I do not need to perform to be approved of, a life where I am loved for who I am. My family loves me like so but I seek some adoration from out side our circle. I prayed to God and I realized I already knew the answer but just did not accept it as truth.

God loves me. God sees me as beautiful. It’s written all over the Bible. All I had to do is believe. My mind battles the truth and I asked, ‘How can You love me when I’m not perfect?’ And then I realized, ‘Who told me I’m perfect?’ I laughed when I realized that I was forcing myself to be perfect because of what the world dictates. The question is: Am I happy when I try to please the world? When I try to be what the world wants me to be? Truth is, no. The good thing in all this, though, is that I learned that I didn’t have to be perfect to be loved by God. I didn’t have to be beautiful to be loved by a man. Wow! I was free.

When I learned this and let God take the wheel of my life, He transformed me to a girl with low self-esteem to a confident woman of God. I didn’t even have to look for the man who’ll love me, God wrote my love story and made my dream come true – He made me a princess. Wow. All I had to do was believe in the Perfect God and everything followed. So dear, just believe and say goodbye to Miss Perfect!

17 thoughts on “Miss Perfect”

  1. Thanks for posting! =) I can relate so much! especially with this statement:

    “Deep in my heart, I want to believe it’s true. I wanted a life that I do not need to perform to be approved of, a life where I am loved for who I am. My family loves me like so but I seek some adoration from out side our circle. ”

    =) God Bless!


  2. I don’t think I’m beautiful, I”m not smart, I never had a title, maybe the “bansot” title. Ang hirap po paniwalain ang sarili ko na maganda rin ako, kasi hindi po yun yung pinaparamdam sakin ng mga tao sa paligid ko, except from my family especially my mother, she always tell me that “and ganda naman ng anak ko”, then I say “ngeik may maganda bang negrita” I always dream to be miss. perfect. 😦


    1. Alam mo, I learned na maganda talaga ang lahat kapag masayahin ang taong iyon at tanggap ang sarili niya. Kasi kapag iniisip mong hindi ka maganda, makikita rin yun ng iba. Tandaan mo, lahat ng ginawa ni Lord maganda at mahalaga. 🙂


      1. Tama po kayo, kapag masaya ako nakakalinutan ko ang mga insecurities ko, thank you po, “I’m beautiful in my way ‘Cause God makes no mistakes”
        Bron this way po ni Lady G. bagay po sakin, Tama God makes no mistakes. thank you po pala for following my blog po. 🙂


  3. ate, i’m starting to know my self more and more thanks to you, nabasa ko ung letter ng follower mo..hahaha..nakakatuwa. i told you., you are an inspiration to us, keep it up ate, i know there’s millions of person’s in the world you could inspire pa in ways of your writing..thank you for the friendship ate even though to chatings lang..i’m eager to see and meet you soon wait for me ate ah..thank you God Bless you and kuya always.


      1. ate i cant pa ngayon.. sa vacation, i will surely meet the both of you in person..ate sikat n kayo dito and your blogs, they keep on asking me about you..ate promise me paguwi ko meet talaga tayo.. God Bless you and kuya..


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