Come Empty

Today is the third day of the annual Prayer and Fasting in our church. We decide every year to consecrate ourselves before the Lord. I am always encouraged by Joshua 3:5, which exhorts, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

Fasting is not an easy thing. Denying yourself everyday meals is very difficult but my motivation for fasting this year and the past years is simply the desire to be more sensitive to God. Just the past hour, I have read familiar scriptures but this time, they meant so much more. By coming to God empty of my natural energy-givers, I am fully reliant on Him and His word is my food. He sustains me. It’s like whenever I read the Bible during meal time, my stomach forgets to grumble.

I am expectant of the Lord’s presence this prayer and fasting season. Water has never tasted this good… 😀

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