The Notebook

The Wedding Proposal. August 1, 2010

Exactly a year ago, I said yes.

Tears in my eyes. A smile on my lips. His hand in mine. A diamond ring around my finger.

All happened a year ago.

Oh the years seem like days past.

A day ago when I said yes to be his wife.

Three days ago when I first learned to love him.
Five days ago when I started praying for him.

I started praying for him five years ago with a notebook and a pen in my hand.

My first entry was addressed to Him about him. I wrote to God about my future husband. I told Him to teach me to love my husband even before I meet him. To guard my heart, eyes and mind from anyone who might distract me and to keep myself pure and holy for God. Though at times I failed, God was faithful to keep me back on track. I prayed that my first be my last, that I will love one man alone in my lifetime. Then God advised me to do one special thing for my husband – write to him. As faithful as Elizabeth Browning writes to Robert, I wrote to him.

His name unknown. His face unseen. His voice unheard.

It was by faith I prayed for him.

It was by faith I wrote to him.

Little did I know, God was already writing my love story from the moment I said a prayer for him. I met him that very year. I sat in an ENLI 2 class. He was there. The long-haired guy. In my mind, I thought, ‘Mister, you’re no Lancelot. Why grow your hair so long?’

Oblivious to that encounter, I wrote letters after letters in my notebook. I wrote to him about my class, the musical, my History professor, my paper in Linguistics, the dinner I had, my small group, that Friday’s youth service… come to think of it, I wrote to him about EVERYTHING. By faith he was real. I knew it. He’s a promise to be fulfilled. A gift to be given.

I wrote to him without a name.

We became friends, not knowing it was already him.

I continued to write to my future husband, still with no name.

Months after that, emotions started to bud. Still more months, problems arose that kept us apart. It was not the right time.

We prayed. We listened. We waited.

I wrote to my future husband, still with no name.

More months passed, he came back with writings on the sand.

I prayed. I listened. I waited.

Two months after, I said yes to courtship. Courtship with the future in mind.

For the first time I wrote to him with a name. His name.

In courtship, I bought a new notebook. I wrote to him.

His promises that made me laugh. His surprises that made me cry. His faith that made me soar.

It was God’s gift within a gift. Noel taught me to pray like there was no tomorrow. To be sure of what I hope for. To be certain of what I can’t see. Yes, he taught me to have more faith in our God who never fails.

I then asked God about the right time. He just told me to be still. There was peace.

Then the day came. August 1, 2010. A man of faith that he is, he asked me to be his wife. He was on bended knee. He was fumbling for words. His hands cupped. The ring set in a red box.

Little did he know, I already wrote it to him in my notebook.

My secret laughs, longings and loves were all written there. Only one word amongst the many was needed at that moment – Yes.

A month before our wedding, he gave me a scrapbook. Memorabilia from our friendship, courtship and engagement seasons and letters.

He wrote to me.

He was writing to me the day we became friends. God does have humor. He was a promise fulfilled. A prayer answered.

I gave the notebooks to him after our honeymoon.

The letters I wrote to him and he to me are our treasures. But more than that, they are testimonies of God’s love and faithfulness to us, individually and as a couple. They are chapters telling God’s wondrous deeds in our lives. Though only a few among the many. To tell all, I guess no notebook will ever be enough.

On our Wedding Day. March 14, 2011

31 thoughts on “The Notebook”

  1. i’m so touched and moved Joei. Same thoughts and experiences tayo, but i’m still writing with unknown name. 🙂 Thank you


  2. awwww…beybiber! God indeed writes really moving lovestories! ^_^

    Loooove you both. I hope and pray that you will continue to grow together as husband and wife, as children of God and future parents (hopefully) to m lovely pamangkins (ehem…plural!). Mwwaaaahhhuugz to u both!


  3. Indeed, GOD is really the author of our love story. Thanks for sharing your love story to us. It’s really an inspiration to all of us.


    1. Helene! Oh my! Sobrang namiss kita! :(( It has been ages since I saw you 😦 Salamat Helene! I have a LOT of things to tell you! Kita tau minsan! 😀


    1. Weng! Wow! I miss you too! Haven’t seen you since King’s Speech! Salamat for watching. We’re happy we inspired you. Hope to see you soon! >:D<


    1. Salamat Czarine! Yes, continue writing. It’s like footprints you leave for others to see 🙂 Salamat! Prinsipe’t Prinsesa tayong lahat sa mata ni Lord! 😀


      1. hi joie!i was so glad to meet you in in ansaya saya ko na nakita ko kayo ni pastor noel sa caliraya…”,)you are really an inspiration to us…as in i was moved by your story…keep on keeping on!may GOD bless you and pastor more and more and more…”,)-


      2. Hi Czarine! So blessed to have met you too! I hope we can visit your church some time. 😀 We’re blessed to be used by God. Salamat! God bless you and your family too! 😀


      3. Glenda is a very good friend of mine as well..”,)..sya actually ang nagshare ng story nyo sa amin..aha!ayun…kaya before pa namin mapanood sa MMK alam na namin kwento!”,)…may di lang ako na-gets dun…yung bumagsak na pader or kisame..ahehe!buti na lang naexplain ni Glenda”,)


      4. Yes, that scene was cut kasi. It was Ondoy. 🙂 Yes, Ate Glenda told me about you. Happy to have met you in the Summit. 🙂 Thank you Czarine! 😀


  4. wala n kong masabi ate kayo n talagang dalawa..stay inlove very happy for you ate..thank you sa mga blogs still reading no one can stop me..


    1. Aww… thank you for reading our blogs, Thea! 😀 God will keep us together. 😀 Salamat! God bless! Hope we can meet u 🙂


      1. Its my privilege to read your blogs ate..i’d love to meet you and kuya also it excite me a lot..thank you for being an inspiration to me not just for love matters but in all aspects of life i adore you also for loving your family..I’ve read your blog about your feeling towards your father GOD Bless you ate always.and kuya nono. Regards to kuya tell him thank you for answering question that i couldn’t understand..Thank you God for giving me a chance to know these two awesome creation of your’s=)


  5. Una ko po itong nabasa sa blog ng husband mo. after reading I had a teary eyed. then inabangan ko po yung story nyo sa MMK. Then now I read your story again. still the same feeling po. nakaka inspire po kayo.


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