Match made in Hollywood versus Match Made in Heaven

It’s 2:15 and I woke up and left my husband sleeping in bed, made a cup of hot chocolate and sat on our divan chair to write this blog. I missed blogging and it’s just funny that I’ve already been unemployed for more than a month, have been a housewife for three weeks now and still had no time to blog. Well, anyway, let’s go straight to why I am doing this at this very hour. Simple. Here it goes.

It’s amusing to see how movies have tinted our minds to how love should be. I have counseled women before and after I got married and all of them, though from different ages and backgrounds, have the same question – is he the one? The one who: 1) is handsome and rich, 2) is kind and a gentleman 3) is thoughtful and always remembers dates and birthdays and 4) witty and sports-minded.

I found out that women have ideals which when unfulfilled gets in the way of relationships. Women, even those who are in a relationship, always ask ‘Is he really the one?’ with the backdrop of the picture of the ideal and what-he-should-be guy.

A woman is looking for that ‘spark’, that one time thing. In grade school, he’s the boy in glasses, sitting in the next seat. He would see her need when her pencil breaks and he lend his sharpener with a cute grin. In high school, he’s the varsity team captain whose muscles flex as he shoots the ball. Girls go crazy over her but he just looks at her and her alone in the benches. In college, she runs with a stack worth of books in her arms. She rushes to the last door to the left a.k.a. the terror professor door. She slips and drops her things and he rushed to her aid and as he helped her up, their eyes met.

That’s how Hollywood painted how a love story should be – a picturesque sunset, a rolling ball in the football field, a song for duets onstage, an unexpected gaze, a small rolled message in a bottle… as good as all these could be, God can do so much better. It might not be how we, girls, have imagined it, but it’s far greater. It’s part of a bigger picture. A greater story.

It doesn’t have background music when you look at each other’s eyes. He might not always remember the dates and birthdays. You might witness a hole in his wallet. He might go straight to the driver’s seat without opening the door for you. There may be more rain than sunshine. He might lose his temper in the coffee shop queue. Sports for him may just be in front of a television. He may think that there’s no difference between a raccoon and a porcupine! Nevertheless, a match made in Heaven will overlook all that because of that one thing called LOVE.

I remember what Pastor Edgar shared during our wedding ceremony – Love accepts. Love fights. Love forgives.

Love accepts your man for who he is, not for who you want him to be nor what you perceive him to be.

Love fights for the relationship to be restored to each other, not to break away from each other.

Love forgives the smallest details to the biggest mishaps, and forgets it and keeps no record of wrongs.

That’s Love. That’s the one made in heaven. That’s the love that God designed for you and me. That’s the love that looks beyond your beauty and loves your wrinkled face and fat belly. That’s the love who adores the things you do even when you get too old and too arthritic to do those. That’s the love that kisses your lips alone instead of the lips of those hot chicks in the office. That’s the love who believes for healing when the doctors say that there’s no cure. That’s the love who holds your hand when businesses fail and money runs out. That’s the love who wakes up and wipes your tears and whispers that everything will be okay. That’s the love that loves us even when we are unlovable, the love that loves in smooth and tough times.

That’s the love God designed. Not fickle like Hollywood’s.

That’s the love inspired by Jesus. The Author of Love itself.

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