Just Another Action Film?

No, it’s not another freaky article I have stumbled upon in the internet. It’s not even a new horror movie to be released in theaters next season. It’s just an insight I had while watching an action movie. I’m not really a fan of action movies, let alone war movies, but I noticed that there is a serious obsession nowadays with sex and violence. It’s interesting to note that MTRCB has changed the movie ratings, now we have R-13, previously PG-13. They might have already took notice of the movie preferences and changed the ratings appropriately but the themes of movies had not changed, as it has always been dubbed as ‘purely human interest.’ It’s human interest to watch people kill, lust, abuse and steal. It’s simply human to hurt somebody else. That’s just how humans are, it proposes. Is it?

This makes me wonder if when porn stars, murderers, thieves and rapists were young, could they, by any chance, have pictured themselves as who they are now? When we were children, didn’t we dream of noble things? To do something significant in this world? When we were children, didn’t our parents thought the best for us? Dreamed of something grander for us than what they’ve achieved? Think about it – no one has named his child Satan. No one. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not. Whether you believe in God or you are god for yourself. No one wishes the worst or supposes the worst for an innocent child.

Imagine little boys, from a year old to at most six years old, holding guns and knives and killing each other. Imagine little girls, of all races, wearing thongs and lacy underwear and bending in suggestive positions. Imagine children of all ages, mistreating each other, the elderly and everyone else. Imagine. Yes, it might be a very ridiculous thing to think about but just for once, watch a murder movie, where they cut people in half and do all things gross and imagine young children in that film. Wouldn’t you scream? Wouldn’t you want to stop the murderer from killing them? They’re still young. They’ve a future.

All of the people you see in that video you just downloaded, in the streets, in the brothel, were once children. And until now, they are someone’s child. And no matter what age they are in now, no matter how much they did to misuse their bodies, they are still the children once protected, once cared for, once loved. They are loved by Someone. They are someone’s sister, someone’s brother, someone’s mother, someone’s father, someone’s child.

I’m writing this not to propose anything for you to do. I am just hoping that we will look at each other with love. Love your wife as much as or more than how her father loved her. Love your husband and respect him as much as his mother did. Love your children as much as you can and protect them always. Love. Love that person in the video or movie. Do not feast on her if she’s not your wife. Do not let young men watch violence if you don’t want him to be holding a gun. Let’s treat each other with love, in word and in deed. ‘Do not rebuke an older man harshly, but exhort him as if he were your father. Treat younger men as brothers, Treat older women as you would your mother, and treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters,’ says the Bible.

And if you are the one who misused your body, on screen or not; if you’re the one who lost sight of love, take heart because Someone does love you. Know your significance. You are not born to be that. You still have a great destiny.


Love and note each other’s significance. Start loving, caring and protecting.

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