The Smell of Coffee

No, this blog is not about Starbucks nor Bo’s. It’s about the nights when this stimulant beverage helped the student side of Joei be awake.

That smell again… I sighed… It was the familiar smell of coffee beside my laptop or worse, the smell of a bottle of Lipovitan Ira. Gotta be awake! That was the scenario these past few weeks. Sleep became pleasure. Even the three-hour ones. I gobbled dishes as if I haven’t eaten for weeks. There was no resting moment. Even when I’m waiting for my oh-so-dependable fastfood chicken meal, I think of revisions of paper sent by my professor, exams to be taken, schedules to organize, meetings to attend, interviews to be conducted… whew! I’m glad that was over.

When I look back, I only realize one thing and that is, how good and faithful my God is. All this time, His hands were moving in my behalf. He reminds me always, “Worry not. I work even when you rest. Rest in Me.” That voice was so appallingly gentle that it is silenced by the world’s noises. Still, he whispers… He was faithful when I wasn’t. How great He is! Many times, my strength failed and He taught me to delight in that and I saw great works orchestrated by my Savior.

There was a time when I came home and all I did was bury my face in the pillow and cry my heart out. I repeatedly muttered, “Pagod na ako!” He touched me through my parents who hugged me and assured me that this too will pass. “Kaya yan!” my father told me while he embraced me. True, kinaya nga. Credits are all God’s. It was all God. It can’t be me. If it were me, it wouldn’t be this amazing. It was his strength, his provision, his people, his love that made everything possible. I look back and see how complexly and brilliantly orchestrated the events during this semester have taken place. How that happening led to this moment and how this thing was used for that purpose and how this person helped in this matter. It’s difficult but great. And I can see God’s hand in everything that took place. Now, my semester is officially closed. But the gates of Heaven aren’t. I look back and see six laboriously wonderful semesters in UP, two more to go. I know that I will finish this race not by my strength but through his grace. Thank You, God! To You be the glory!

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