I’m presently writing from my parents’ house here in Bulacan…away from the hustle and bustle of the city which I grew accustomed to in the past four years. Never have I had this LONG rest since every summer I had classes, December breaks were reserved for fieldwork and semestral breaks are but for a week or two. In this quiet I am able to look back and ponder how wonderful the past four years had become. All because of Him.My road to UP was not easy. I remember overhearing someone say, ” Si Gayares? Naku hindi yan makakapasa ng UP!” Back in highschool, people brand you to be this and that according to whatever they call a standard. I was then in fourth year…both my siblings were in UP (both left great legacies in our HS) and there I was, almost flunking math. I remember running to my mother and crying to her, “Nay, gusto ko lang makapasa ng UP, ayoko lang mapahiya…” My mother and I prayed more vigilantly than we ever had in our lives. That was the desire of my heart and I told God, “Lord, kahit DEPROS (Degree Programs woth Available Slots) lang, tatanggapin ko, makapasok lang ako ng UP.” Months passed and the results came. I passed. Not as someone waitlisted for God-knows-what course but for my first choice – Linguistics. An answered prayer that sent Nanay and I leaping for joy. And then I heard this said of me: “Naku, may binayaran lang yan kaya nakapasa.” Those words wounded my heart and my joy collapsed. But then again, I knew He believed.

My UP life then commenced some months after. New slate. I worked my best in all that I do to gain what I never did in HS. I had a plan but God had another. He changed my perspective and had it focused on Him. Semesters came and went and God proved Himself more faithful than before. He helped me pass all the requirements excellently and early (for those who know the story, you know what this means, hehe). He gave me an insatiable passion for learning. He also gave me people who stood by me during the trials of many kinds (and I thank God for each one of you, alam n’yo na kung sinu-sino kayo ^.^). His grace was the only reason I can smile and be happy in spite of my coffee-filled stomach and my sleep-deprived eyes. Through it all, I have proven that He was enough reason for me to be joyful.

Almost graduated in three and a half years and I had a choice to extend to the next semester or graduate early, I chose the former…not only because my heart wasn’t ready yet but also because of a series of unfortunate events (which worked for the good, by the way ^.^). I extended and worked more on my thesis and took extra courses (masaya kasing mag-aral, sayang ang oras, aral na lang ^.^).

This April, I was in the brink of the fulfillment of one of my lifelong dreams: to be Magna cum Laude. I told God that that was the desire of my heart but whatever He wills to give me, I’ll be forever grateful. I went to AS 101 and I resolved that the grade I saw was mine and was just enough for cum. It was okay with me but my friend Kuya Jay-r insisted that I compute my grades and check it in OUR. Then, there it was…Joan Ira Gayares – Magna cum Laude. My friend Owie and I jumped like crazy in OUR. My heart cannot contain it. I can’t refrain from looking to the azure sky and thank the One who planned it all.

Oh Jesus, thank You…who could’ve thought that that girl who once had no esteem in what she could do would have the privilege of having honors…nobody thought that…noone…but Jesus. He planned it all…from my heartaches (due to low self-esteem and many other things) to the trials (terror profs and impossible deadlines) to the triumph. It was He who first believed in me…He who first loved me even when I didn’t know who He was. It was He.

This story is simply one of the many chapters in this book called life, all written by the wonderful Almighty. Each story is a testimony. I can only write too much for this blog. No blog could contain everything that happened and how He graciously revealed Himself through each event. This story is about Him – His love, grace, faithfulness and goodness. I hope I can write here all the times His strength was displayed and His majesty revealed. But I can’t for they are all too many to chronicle, hehe. And this blog is simply one of my many attempts to tell the world about Him through His story wherein I am a character. I’m excited to know how the next chapters will unfold. Everything’s unknown now but for sure, He’s up to something great. Another testimony to tell.

May 1, ’09 9:03 AM

2 thoughts on “Thankful”

    1. Salamat po! Si God po ang author ng love story and life stories namin. I’m sure He’ll write yours too if you let Him 😀


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