No Boyfriend Since Birth

I just have to write this blog. Being a part of the NBSB tribe is no easy game (but I’m joyful and proud member, mind you ^^).Last night, my high school friends and I got together for a ‘reunion’. Expectedly, people will throw questions to each other like… “How are you?” “Do you still go to Bulacan?” “Did you know that {insert topic here}?” and the evening will not end until this question – “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” For the record, four out of nine friends asked that question plus a twenty-plus-minutes whispered conversation about the matter with my closest buddy in the group.

In the span of six years of people asking me that question, I must say that there are general assumptions as to why I still don’t have a boyfriend. One, maybe I want to be single for life. Two, there’s something very wrong with me. And three, I have EXTRA SUPER high standards. Whew! In the diversity of these assumptions, of course, my responses would vary. For number 1 – I would get married someday if that’s what God wants for me. For number 2 – I humbly admit that there are a lot of wrongs in me, sins washed away (through Jesus, thank You!), character under construction (God is in the business of that). And for Assumption number 3 – Yes, I do have high standards, God’s standards. If someone would ask me what I want that man to have… there’ll be only one answer – someone who loves God. Why? Because everything will follow.

I wasn’t like this before. When I still wasn’t totally in Christ, I had the ambition of having a list of guys whose hearts I have broken. At that time, having a guy was the measure of beauty for me (which is a very very wrong perspective on beauty). In high school, I planned to make that ambition a reality. With a little scheming, I instantly had my line of suitors. However, in the brink of its fulfillment, that unholy ambition of mine was blocked by SUPERNATURAL POWERS! Everytime I was about to give the YES, something happens. And that something leads to the failure of me giving the YES to whoever was present at that moment.

There was one instance when I told God, “Fine! I’m through! You do it.” That repentance led me to aBIGGER BETTER BOLDER Love – His Love! I fell in love with Him (and I continually am ). He showed me His deep love and longing for me. In time, He told me that having someone to love for life is a gift from Him. And just like any other gift from Him, whether he (the man) would be given or not, the Giver is enough.

The reasons behind NBSB Joei are:

1. God has prepared someone for me. His best. And God doesn’t want me to give this heart away until he (the man) asks me from Him (God). Why settle for anything less?
2. In the waiting period, I have to be molded to the woman God wants me to be, the woman after His own heart. He’ll make me the best that I can be so that I will be an honor to the man He will someday give me.
3 The time is not yet ripe. “Do not awaken love until it pleases,” cried the Songs of Solomon. In God’s perfect time, He will arrange for everything. Everything will work out as He pleases. He’ll author the story.

While some share the joy of my waiting, and others think it’s just wishful thinking, I hold on to my true Lover in God. He’s got the pen on my future love story. True love waits. And the best romance can only be put to life by the One who is Love Himself.

God assured me that he is worth all the waiting. So I promise by faith that I will be pure until the hour appointed, until God says, “Here he is…”

Nov 7, ’07 1:09 AM

12 thoughts on “No Boyfriend Since Birth”

  1. hahaha…i’ve read three of your blogs today and this one’s my favorite ’cause it resembles mine

    I wrote this June 3, 2010 and I really smiled big and wide when I saw the title of your blog…You inspire me and my friend RIA (who’s also your friend in FB and in Twitter hehehe–well both of us after watching MMK did it) in two ways..1st we are rest assured that though our love story will differ in some ways both will be the best love-story for us and 2nd to write, write, write..sabi ko nga Pen and paper are my bestfriends forever…sana maging mentor ka namin in both ways…hihihi…thanks ms.Joei ^__^


  2. ate upon reading this..hhahahahaha..i simply smile..nakakaloka kayong dalawa ni kuya..di ako mahilig magsulat pero dahil sa inyo baka maging writer n din ako..hahaha..three of ur blogs p lang ang natatapos kung basahin pano n lang kaya kung matapos ko n lang basahin lahat..hehee..super like ko n ang mmk if not for that show i wont be able to know the two wonderful creations of God you and kuya..i simply love you ate..thank you so much for inspiring me in everything..


    1. Salamat, Althea! Nakakataba naman ng puso! It’s our privilege. 🙂 Amazing si God kasi He used us to inspire you. Salamat! Masarap lalong magsulat knowing na you guys read our blogs. Thank you and God bless 😀


  3. wooooooww !!! Tnx Lord !! Der r many pepol nowadays dat s still waiting 4 d ryttym 4 d best reason with d ryt person…..
    Blessed dem LORD .. incLuding me !!!! .. jejeje

    “In the autumn on the ground between the traffic and the ordinary sound
    I am thinking signs and seasons when the north wind blows through
    I watch as lovers passed me by
    Walking stories, who’s and how’s and why
    Muzing lazily on love, pondering

    Let’s give 8 time , give 8 space and be still 4 a spell
    When it’s time 2 walk dat way , we wanna walk 8 well

    I’ll b waiting 4 u baby, I’ll b holding back d darkest night
    Love is waiting , Till we’re ready. Till 8s right…
    LOve is waiting..

    It’s my caution, not d cold
    Der’s no other hand dat I cud rather hold
    D climate changes, Im singing 4 strangers about you
    Dont keep 8 time , slow d pace
    Honey hold on if u can
    The bets are getting surer that you’re my man

    I cud write a miilion songs about d way u say my name
    I cud live a lifetime with you
    And den do 8 all again
    And like I can’y force the sun to rise or hasten summer start
    Netheir shud I rush my way into you HEART……..


  4. Same here. I’m 20 and I haven’t had a boyfriend since birth. I promise when I was in high school that I’m going to have a boyfriend when I come to the age of 18 but the time came when I met Jesus in my life. I realized that there’s no need to hurry. Let everything be in God’s control. Until now, I’m still praying and waiting for His best. 🙂


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