How do I love thee?

My weary body lay on a strange bed in a rather familiar place, my buddy Owie’s house in Taysan, Batangas. I was soooo tired. As my body lay too weak, I sighed and examined the ceiling detail by detail as I reminisce the moments that had made this poor body of mine this weary.

Last exam, in Ballet… went home… slept… woke up… relaxed… prepared for my trip… slept… woke up 2am… met with Owie and Queenie… rode the bus to Batangas… arrived… commuted… went to Taysan… set my things… went to Batangas City… went to the Provincial Capitol… met Attorney… met Kuya Mel and Kuya Marvin… failed to get the letter… went to SM… almost fainted… commuted back to Taysan… almost fell from the jeepney and then here in this bed I lay.

Lord… I’m so tired. That was all I said. Daddy, captivate me more with your love, I whispered this words in my heart. My lips curved into a smile, wondering what He’ll do, my Lover, He is. Days passed and I can only describe those days as JADIF a.k.a. Just another day in the Field. Then the day came for my departure, to Lipa, I closed my Bible after my quiet time whispered the same words… captivate me more with your love.

I prepared my things and went outside when bright yellow birds tweet-ed and sang and danced on the leafless tree beside the house… I counted three, but when I took my camera, there were five or six, as I recall, growing in number each minute I tarry. Owie went outside and looked at the treetop and I asked her, “Owie, do you really have these beautiful birds here?” Owie shook her head, “Hindi, ngayon ko lang yan nakita.” Wow… now tha’ts a beautiful gift that can only be orchestrated by the Creator in Heaven, my Lover.

You see, God’s version of love is not candlelight dinners nor chocolates nor roses… it’s the whole creation… it’s not just I like you or I love you but “I have loved you with an everlasting love,” Jer. 31:3 (NIV).

If we would only open our eyes and our hearts, we’ll see that the whole creation shouts of His love for us. Be more captivated by His everlasting Love.

Jan 22, ’08 7:49 PM

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