A prof, a class and some of life’s great lessons

It’s my first blog with an academic notebook in hand. Haha!!! I took this class last summer and it changed my life forever. I want to share some things I learned in this class. This philosophy class a.k.a. Soc Sci2 (reputed to be very demanding in workload) was conducted by my most favorite prof Sir Jimmy – Sir Jaime Naval… And I say proudly that he makes every 7:00 am class worth waking up for.

Here are some lines he said during our classes that I was blessed to have preserved in my notebook. Some are embedded in my memory, though I wasn’t able to write each one of it here.

I have had many professors in UP, but he was extraordinary, he’s one whose name I won’t forget for the rest of my life. He’s one who cares for us not just today but also tomorrow.

For those who have read Tuesdays with Morrie, he’s like Morrie…no, he’s better than Morrie ^^,)

It doesn’t matter if you know all of life but what matters is knowing the Giver of that life.

Think about these lines, there’s truth in it.  Think about it.

Life is not meant to be a debate, but an exchange.

The greatest things in life are 5-lettered or less…
because life is not meant to be confusing.

What are the two most important days in each person’s life? The day he was born and the day he learns why he was born.

The unexamined life is not worth living. Know thyself. (Socrates)

Whaever one does affects another.

It’s not what you don’t have that matters, it’s what you do with what you have.

You can never cross the same river twice. (Monists)

Whoever you want to be, a welder or a judge or whatever, make sure you become the best you can be.

Everything is as it is depends simply on how you look at it.

From time to time, isolate yourself from the world.

Success is not enough; you should guard yourself from the excesses of success.                                (on the life of Alexandre Dumas)

It’s constant vigilance to be good.

Perspective determines decision.

Dream lofty dreams. (James Allen)

Go back to the Source! (on Luther)

Wheel of life is surprising, how will you respond to its surprises?

If you can’t see God, check your eyes.

If you didn’t get what you want, don’t fret. It has a reason. God has a way of leading  you to your destiny.

Being alive is different from having a life.

Marry character with excellence and excellence with character.

The best insurance benefits you even after death.

The more conscious one is with his titles, the less he’s concerned with his character.

It’s not important that you know what is right but that you do what is right.

Make the most of your life. (during our last day…)

I’m ending this blog with the line that he leaves us whenever he taught us lessons and that alone, I believe, is the proper ending:

Think about it.

Jun 5, ’08 7:00 PM

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