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Our Magical Time in Music Together

Think of a popular children’s show. A lot of familiar names come to mind. To name a few: Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, Hi-5, etc. These shows have different themes and narratives but what do these shows have in common? Lively characters, dancing and music. Children naturally gravitate to these shows because they are wired to… Continue reading Our Magical Time in Music Together


What I Learned From GHC 2019

October 5 is World Teachers’ Day. I celebrated it with my fellow homeschooling moms in Homeschool Global Conference 2019. It was held in SM Aura Convention Center. My husband stayed home with the kids while I enjoy learning to become a more equipped teacher mom. I’ll share here a few of the many things I… Continue reading What I Learned From GHC 2019


Why Teaching Filipino Is Important

Growing up, I learned Tagalog through my everyday conversations but admittedly, I loved English more. I would choose Dickens over Balagtas. When I pondered why, I realized it’s because English was living for me. Filipino was not. My Nanay filled our home with books, ranging from novels to Christian books to encyclopedias. Our family car… Continue reading Why Teaching Filipino Is Important